Here is a downloadable PDF of my teaching evaluations and feedback from students: DallasWoodburnTeachingEval

My teaching mentor, Dr. Kendall Leon, observed me teaching three times this past year. What follows are excerpts from her written evaluation.

Instructor Ethos

  • Ms. Woodburn has an ethos in class in which students feel comfortable speaking and contributing to the class environment, while also conveying a clear high expectation for learning.
  • Ms. Woodburn is excellent as an instructor not only for her knowledge of writing and how to learn (and therefore teach) the writing process, she is also consistently successful at establishing respectful and enthusiastic classroom environments that contribute to student participation, engagement, and learning.

Classroom Environment

I aim to create an open, dynamic, welcoming classroom environment for all students, and as such it is important to be cognizant of the classroom lay-out; how the classroom space itself can be both a help and a hindrance. Dr. Leon observed:

  • The classroom space is constricted by long tables facing the front. Ms. Woodburn moves in the classroom to circumvent this space, as well as facilitates comments from students in various locations in the class.
  • Her class is scheduled from 4:30-5:20 5 days a week—which can typically be a difficult schedule for keeping student attention. Her switching up of different techniques for facilitating learning (in class writing, whole class discussion, whole class activity, individual activity), while perhaps a little fast paced, does break up the class and keeps students interested, and taking multiple approaches to achieve the learning goals for the class.

Student Learning

When developing my lesson plans, I try to connect each in-class activity not only to the current assignment the students are working on, but also to my larger goals for the course: developing students’ communication skills and vocabulary, increasing their self-confidence, and inspiring engagement as insightful, respectful commentators in the community outside of our classroom. Dr. Leon recognized this in her evaluation, noting: 

  • Ms. Woodburn does a great job following up a student comment by opening it up for other students to add to the contribution. Ms. Woodburn also relates comments from one student to another.
  • Ms. Woodburn demonstrates an awareness of their projects as she was able to draw upon their writing to use as examples for the whole class.
  • The in-class activities were clearly related to not only the goals for that particular assignment, but for the class in general.

Feedback from Students

Thank you for this semester. I was happy that I got a teacher who was really nice and someone that I could relate to. I actually had a blast this semester and I really like the way you taught the class. I never felt that an assignment was given to us as busy work and I saw a purpose to everything.


I really enjoyed you and your class this semester. I learned a lot of very helpful things. I’m sure they will help me out in the future and I really appreciate it. I think you made my semester go a lot more smoothly because you were very helpful. Just wanted to say thank you!


Dear Miss Woodburn,
This is my first semester studying aboard and I feel very good in our English class. English is my favorite class among all the classes I took. I learned lots of things in our class, not only the knowledge, but also the American culture. And thank you for giving me lots of encouragement. I will always remember it. What you do made me feel like I was at my home. I cannot express my thankfulness through speaking easily, so I use this letter to express my thankfulness to you.

Written feedback from student evaluations:

  • She doesn’t give busy work. Every assignment we have is useful to us and has a future purpose.
  • She is an amazing teacher and gets the class involved.
  • She does a good job understanding what people mean by what they say and write. She also does a good job with positive feedback.
  • I love that we open class with a writing prompt. That really helped me get my ideas flowing. The feedback that was given on my papers was incredibly helpful. Excellent instructor.
  • My professor was very good about building relationships with her students and motivating them to participate in class.
  • The in-class discussions and illustrations used were great.
  • She gave every assignment step by step.

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